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I'm on the other side of the world, relying on one carry-on, having rented out my condo, quit my job, and embracing complete freedom in my life. The transition from earning ~$200K a year to $200 MRR pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways I never imagined.

I was trapped in a cycle of complacency. I stopped meeting interesting people and let lifestyle creep dictate my life.

I'm facing a lot of unknowns right now, using uncertainty, stress, and pressure to create momentum and transform my life for the better.

This self-awareness taught me that while anxiety is ever-present, it's the unknown that propels me forward toward growth and progress.

My downtime allowed me to reevaluate my goals, from designing the lifestyle I truly want to developing and expanding my products.

Here are three essential lessons I've learned:

  1. Taking time to think can be productive; there's no need to feel guilty about it.
  2. Lifestyle design is crucial. Reflect on your happiness and satisfaction with where you are in life.
  3. The right amount of stress and uncertainty can actually be beneficial.

Embracing the power of uncertainty has been a game-changer in my life.